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Marcella Cooper & The Carers Friendship Map

Marcella Cooper - Family Carer

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The story so far ….

We are a group of family carers wanting to make a huge difference in the lives of other families and the people we care for.

The Carers Friendship Map (“CFM”) is an independent carers-led focus group run and organised by Marcella Cooper and Maureen Rose who are family carers living in Barking and Dagenham with years of experience and so can help and support families in their caring roles.  We provide and share information with other families who have children/adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.  The group has supplied family carers and some people with learning disabilities who live independently with indoor and personal alarms.  Last December with funds from the PCT, Barking & Dagenham Borough Wide Parent Forums, Children Services and the Carers Friendship Map, Marcella and Maureen organised a workshop on “distressed outbursts” or challenging behaviour with Phoebe Caldwell.  Maureen co-chairs the Safeguarding Action Group, of which a police officer is a member, to discuss issues on neighbourhood safety concerning carers/people with a learning disability and complex needs.  Maureen is involved in GP training and now family carers and people with disabilities/complex needs have a 20 minutes slot with their GPs.  Based on her own experience with her daughter, Maureen has made it possible for people attending Heathlands and Maples to have regular eyes and ears checks at the Centres.  The Carers Friendship Map has produced 2011 Calendar featuring family carers.  As part of sharing information, the group has links with other family carers and learning disability groups from different boroughs and other regions.  Marcella and Maureen now run a Friday Information Service (FIS) from 10:00 to 12:00 on the last Friday of every month at Heathlands Day Centre [except August and December] and the Carers Coffee Morning on the second Tuesday of every month at Heathlands [except August and December].  In February we had a carers’ event, hosted by JobcentrePlus, to tell family carers about the changes to Incapacity and Housing Benefits.

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Marcella Cooper is a Trustee of the National Family Carer Network

NFCN is an umbrella organisation that aims to promote the voice and rights of family carers supporting a person with a LD. Its membership comprises both organisations and individuals but we connot be responsible at any time for the views expressed by our members unless explicity promoted by us.