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Marcella Cooper is delighted to let you know that her new book is
now available for download through here

woman to woman marcella cooperThe Woman Trilogy: Woman to Woman

When Hannah discovers she is pregnant, she wants to abort. She is
persuaded by the father, to elope, but then she is left abandoned at a
coach station.

Hannah gives birth, but bears grudges against the twins: Barbara and
January.   Whilst one has had a happy childhood, she’s beautiful and her
young life successful, the other, who Hannah has had a controlling influence
over, is miserable and marred by a sexually abusive marriage, develops low

As the sisters’ lives pan out, Barbara is now a widow and January is divorced.
Whilst celebrating an in-law’s birthday, one of them is kidnapped. The next
day, dazed, she escapes the kidnapper, but when she is brought home, she
is drugged and confined to a darkened room.

A diary holds the secret as to why the twin’s lives have recently spiralled out
of control, and with help they seek out the perpetrators.







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